Title - Vaulting
Carolyn has trained vaulting horses her introduction to vaulting in 1995.
Using the same ideals as training a young horse on the longeline, and her emphasis on good basic dressage, Carolyn has been able to produce high performance vaulting horses.
The horse score is 20% of the total vaulting score. Carolyn believes that correct dressage training can improve any horses' canter. Developing an uphill canter with self carriage must be done under saddle if we expect the vaulting horse to maintain that on the longeline under vaulters.
On the longeline Carolyn's pays strict attention to detail, the biomechanics of the horse, timing and clarity of aids. 
Carolyn achieved a gold medal at the 2010 Alltech World Equestrian Games with Palatine a 12yr old Westfalen gelding.
Carolyn is avaibale for clinics throughout the USA and Internationally.